Beta release
addon for Mozilla Firefox - actively developed - due to some compatibility issues some users might not want to upgrade yet

old 0.5 release
unmaintained - old version repackaged for current Firefox

What are cross-site requests?

Cross-site requests are requests that your browser is told to make by a website you are visiting to a completely different website.

What does RequestPolicy Continued do?

RequestPolicy Continued allows you to block all cross-site requests, and only allow specific ones (whitelisting), either manually, or by subscribing to premade policies (subscriptions) maintained by others. For easier usage, you can also keep allowing cross-site requests, but block some by manually blacklisting them, or by subscribing to blacklists maintained by others.


While some cross-site requests are required for websites to work properly, they often result in advertising networks and other websites knowing your browsing habits, including specific pages you view throughout the day. Learn more about privacy...


Cross-site requests are also used in attacks on users who are browsing the web. RequestPolicy Continued helps defending against dangerous attacks like Clickjacking and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), where your browser is told to make a request to another website and that other website thinks you (the person) meant to make the request. Learn more about security...

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About RequestPolicyContinued

RequestPolicy Continued is a continuation of the original project from Justin Samuel by volunteers. It is based on the 1.0 beta version of RequestPolicy, which is a major rewrite and refactoring of the 0.5 version still available on Addons for Firefox. Currently we aim at releasing our first stable version – 1.0 – but there is still much to do. If you want to be informed about this milestone, you could subscribe to this issue. If you're interested, you can find a list of all open issues for version 1.0 here.

There are still some compatibility issues when upgrading from the older 0.5 version. You can downgrade at any time though. A Firefox 38+ compatible version of RequestPolicy 0.5 is available at

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