RequestPolicy Development

Welcome to the RequestPolicy Development pages! These pages are intended to encourage more people to become RequestPolicy developers and contributors. This documentation is by far not complete, so if you have an idea for an addition, a change or a removal, please let us know.

If you are instead looking for Help and Support, write your question in our general discussion thread or create a new issue.


How to contribute

There are many ways to contribute to RequestPolicy's development. Have a look at the Contributing page.

If you're having an idea for RequestPolicy, please talk about it in the issue tracker. What you shouldn't do is spending months implementing a feature in silence and then find yourself disappointed if we don't want to merge your changes. This would be frustrating for you, the other developers, and the RequestPolicy users.

Where to collaborate

All development and discussion takes place at github. The website's location is

Note that there are still some old places on the web. They aren't used by the RPC project, but are mentioned for completeness: the old project's website, a thread on mozillazine, the old AMO page, and the Google Group.

Development Documentation