Here are a few ways you can help make this project better!


If you have any questions or general thoughts about the project, please post them in our general discussion

Testing, reporting bugs & requesting new features

Always use the latest release, or build the XPI from the most recent source revision

If you'd like a bug to be fixed or a feature added, find if it has already been reported. Open a new issue if needed, and add information about the bug/request such as:

Response time from the maintainers should be around a few days.

Please bear in mind that each user might have a different browser setup. Sometimes it's necessary to further investigate the problem:

Some bugs are caused by other Firefox addons interfering with RequestPolicy. To make sure a bug is caused by RequestPolicy itself:

If the bug does not happen with only RPC enabled, the bug is related to another addon:

To test if the bug is related to your specific configuration, you can create a new, blank Firefox profile and try to reproduce the bug.

Code contributions

You can look through the existing bugs/requests here.

You can find bugs that should be easy to fix here.

More information on RequestPolicy development can be found here


You can help us translate our project by editing the locale files and sending us a Pull Request.

Documentation and website

You can help build and design the website and documentation here

Bug triage

You can help us find more info about unconfirmed bugs by finding if the bug is reproducible. In what environment? What are the steps to reproduce?

You can ask the maintainers to close already fixed bugs by testing old tickets to see if they are happening, or remove duplicate bug reports.


You can add bounties at bountysource for bugs you would like to be fixed.

Community and support