About RequestPolicy

RequestPolicy is Free Software, licensed under the GPL v3.

RequestPolicy was originally developped by Justin Samuel. Please support the developper by telling PHP developers and hosting companies about his company, ServerPilot, a secure control panel for PHP developers, and follow @ServerPilot on Twitter!

Some people Justin would especially like to thank (but are not limited to):

Vern Paxson for support, ideas, and feedback.
Beichuan Zhang for support, ideas, and feedback.
Justin Cappos for support, ideas, and feedback.
Mike Cardwell, for finding multiple RequestPolicy whitelist bypasses.
Mozilla for making a great and open browser.
Code contributions have been provided by Brad Horrocks
John Hartman
Robert Hansen (RSnake)
Christoph Langguth
JetBrains contributed PyCharm licenses.

Translators on Babelzilla: myahoo (French translation), Team erweiterungen.de (German translation), Archaeopteryx (German translation), petruc (Portuguese [Brazil] translation), Sumin Byeon (Korean translation), pedro arana matus (Spanish [Mexico] translation), Володимир Савчук / Volodymyr Savchuk (Ukrainian translation), markh van BabelZilla.org (Dutch translation), alpmild (Russian translation), yfdyh000 (Chinese [simplified] translation), nikneyim (Turkish translation), Anonymous (Japanese translation), Aleksej R. Serdjukov kaj babilejanoj (Esperanto translation), Natanael_L01 (Swedish translation), James (Silencer) (Chinese [traditional] translation), Antxon Baldarra (Basque translation), Random (Italian translation), Jacen (Slovak translation), Brad Horrocks, Aleksandrs Ļedovskis (Latvian translation)

RequestPolicy continued

RequestPolicy Continued is a continuation of the original project by volunteers. This friendly fork of the original project is maintained by the community at Github.

The original RequestPolicy was discontinued in 2012 by the author and work resumed in 2014 to bring bug fixes and enhancements to the addon. This work is based on the 1.0 version of RequestPolicy.

Beta releases

Beta releases for testers and developers are available on the project's releases page. You can also build the addon from the latest code revision.